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Locarno launch of My Lens My Reality exhibition

On 1 September 2022, the My Lens My Reality exhibition was shown for the first time in Italian-speaking Switzerland in the city of Locarno. Ms. Nancy Lunghi spoke on behalf of the city of Locarno, which sponsered the event. She officially opened the exhibition in the canton of Ticino. “The exhibition carries important messages that we as a city wanted to support and be able to convey.”, said Lunghi.

Ms. Marina Carobbio, Swiss Parliamentarian and Member of the Council of States, then took the floor to state that the exhibition deals with issues that are important to her: “development aid, gender and inclusion.”

“A strong society is a cohesive society that integrates all its members and recognizes and promotes everyone’s specific abilities. We hear this in the words of the ten Nepalese women […] Words that must give us the strength to act for the rights of people with disabilities, here as in the rest of the world.”, so Carobbio.

Ms. Maria Marelli from Humanity and Inclusion, spoke on behalf of SDDC to present the results of the accompanying Photovoice study carried out by the University of Bern. Ms. Mirjam Gasser from CBM Switzerland said a few words about the exhibition and welcomed everyone to the event.

The My Lens My Reality exhibition was displayed at the Palazzo SES in Locarno from 29 August to 2 September 2022.

(from left to right) Ms Maria Marelli – Humanity & Inclusion, Ms Mirjam Gasser – CBM Switzerland, Ms Marina Carobbio – Council of States Switzerland and Ms Nancy Lunghi – City of Locarno pose for a picture next to the exhibition panels.
Visitors gather to view the My Lens My Reality exhibition inside the SES Palazzo in Locarno.

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