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Deu Kumari

Due to her disability, Deu Kumari was deprived a basic education. With the support of a local organization of persons with disabilities, she received skill training. She is now a master trainer in tailoring. She says that if women with disabilities are given the opportunity, they can live independently, support their family and other people too. Deu Kumari is married with three children.

Portrait of Deu Kumari looking seriously into the camera. She wears her hair tied back, small earrings, a nose piercing and a bindi. Deu Kumari is wearing a pink, blue and black scarf and a yellow top.
A blue tricycle wheelchair.

“This is a picture of my cycle in front of my home. […] The cycle is my legs, without which I would not be able to go anywhere: to work at the tailoring center or to see my friends to chat with them. I go on my cycle to vote, to participate in Women’s Day celebrations, to receive my monthly allowance for persons with disabilities at the district office, and to attend meetings organized by governmental and non-governmental organizations for persons with disabilities.”

“This picture is important to me, as it reflects my economic status. The lady who works there under me is also a person with a disability and belongs to the Muslim community. This is the tailoring center which I run.”

A young woman with long braids is sitting inside a tailoring studio at a sewing machine and is sewing. Dresses in different colors hanging up on hangers on the wall.
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