Swiss Disability And Development Consortium


Swiss Disability and
Development Consortium


Discrimination based on gender, disability, age, perception and language affects Ganga’s daily life. Through social entrepreneurship, she is fighting against these societal challenges and is encouraging other women with disabilities to gain confidence.

Portrait of Ganga. The young woman is wearing a side high ponytail. She has a nose piercing, is wearing a purple sports shirt and a yellow hair tie.
A girl is sitting in a wheelchair. She is smiling at the camera. She is sitting in front of a brick house.

“I come from a society where sons are preferred over daughters. […] In a society that doesn’t accept daughters, how can I expect them to accept a person with a disability?”

“I want to help persons with disabilities who lack self-confidence. I want to help them because they can do anything and be capable if given the right support. I think the government is also responsible to some extent. […] Persons with disabilities just need a little support and acceptance in society to be independent. But the mentality here considers them incapable of doing anything they wish to do.”

In the foreground of a basketball court are seven women in wheelchairs. They are stretching their arms up in the air and holding hands. The women are wearing jerseys and trainer shorts.
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