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Rashmi is a deaf female artist. Her art evokes her own culture, language and community as a deaf woman. Through her art, Rashmi wants to raise the voice of people who are socially, physically, culturally, and politically disadvantaged. She wants to encourage them to get ahead in their lives by doing something better.

Portrait of Rashmi. Her hair is tied back, and her eyes are made up with kohl. She wears long silver earrings and a brown sweater.
Three white feathers on a black background. They are beautifully arranged.

“This picture represents my life, the silent life. Feathers have no sound when they fall. I don't have a sound either.”

“At first people thought I couldn't do anything. They felt sorry for me and said: ‘poor thing’. They used to put me down and belittle me because of my situation and my condition. But now, through my art and my work, everyone praises me, saying that I am doing very well. Now I am famous. Now I am a great artist.”

A variety of paint brushes of different sizes and shapes, lying on top of each other. The background is white.
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