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Having a physical disability is not Rupa’s choice, but she considers it her power. After going through many rejections and much distress, she finally found her way. With the help of her mother, she started a small business selling ‘achar’ (Nepali pickles). She proved to herself that her positive attitude is much stronger than her disability.

Portrait of Rupa. She is wearing glasses on the top of her head. She has a nose piercing and is wearing bright lipstick and a silver necklace. Rupa is a slightly overweight woman. She is wearing a black cardigan over a blue top with a bright floral pattern.
A table in a public place. On a red blanket are glasses with “achar”. In the focus of the picture are two crutches leaning against the side of the table.

“After going through all those struggles (finding paid employment), I started this. Now, I don't want or need to go around looking for a job. Now I can actually give jobs to people. So now I am independent.”

“Sometimes, I go to meet them (my friends). I like to stay at home most of the time. Mostly I get in touch with them through social media. They call me to meet and relax, but I can't go there because they have stairs, and the places are up high. Therefore, they will also feel sad and that will make me sadder. So, I don't really like to hang out. It is one of the barriers that prevent me from being in touch with my friends.”

An entrance area of a building with stairs.
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