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For Sahida, it is the little things that bring true happiness and an accomplished life. Because of her poor economic status, challenged inter-caste marriage and disability, she was cast out from her family. But she has learned to stay happy and cherish every moment of her life.

Portrait of Sahida. She is an older woman. She has white hair and dark brown skin. She is wearing a blue and white checkered scarf around her head and draped around her shoulders. She has a gold nose piercing.
A poorly assembled house made of sheet metal, branches, stones and cloth. There are electrical wires above the house. Further in the background, a plastic silo and trees can be seen. The setting is foggy.

“I chose this image because it is very significant in my life, it is where I live. You can see that it is very difficult to sustain my life here. But I still manage to live here. Because it gives me the feeling of protection and security. Every time when it rains, the rainwater drips inside my house and the floor gets very muddy and our belongings get wet too. But still, me and my husband manage with our goats. This is the condition that I live in and it's very difficult.”

“This is my livelihood, what can I do? This is what fills my stomach. It's like an exchange for me, because when I give a comb or other make-up item to someone, they give me money or sometimes rice or vegetables. However, I have to buy all other items - like oil, salt, chilies, condiments, spices, lentils, clothes - on my own because they do not give me these things in exchange. It's difficult for me to do this and manage my expenses because it is quite heavy for me to carry and go from one place to another. I still do it because I have to survive.”

A variety of products, such as colorful plastic combs, assembled in a pile.
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