Swiss Disability And Development Consortium


Swiss Disability and
Development Consortium


Sumitra has recently become blind due to glaucoma. Her blindness has made her financially dependent on her family. Her medication is expensive. She wants the government to provide more employment opportunities to blind people like her.

Portrait of Sumitra. She has long, dark hair, which is slightly pulled back. She is wearing a dark blue top with olive and light-green-colored leaves on it. The color of two her eyes are slightly different.
Woman wearing a headscarf, glasses and an oversized yellow sweater. She is sitting very close to the computer screen and reading something.

“Persons with disabilities can do anything with education and a good job, instead we are being segregated.”

“I am an indigenous woman […] and I also have a disability. I and others alike have no access to anything, neither to education nor to justice. And it is worse for us as we are already marginalized. We have to face injustice just because of our background and the fact that we are women. I don't know whose problems are bigger than the ones we face.”

A woman in a pink and orange dress, sitting in the middle of a hanging bridge. A green hill can be seen in the distance. Water flows underneath the bridge.
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