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Sunita L.

As a woman with a psychosocial disability, Sunita L. is now raising awareness at the grassroots level about prioritizing mental health as much as we prioritize our physical health. She is advocating for her rights and the rights of other members of her self-help group.

Portrait of Sunita L. She has long black hair. She has a nose piercing, earring and a bindi on her forehead. She is wearing a long necklace with red and yellow stones. She is also wearing a red top with a red cardigan on top.
Several women working on an agricultural field in a rural area. There are hills in the background.

“This is the picture of my field, the one I own. These are the women who work in that field. […] Every time I see these women working there, it makes me feel really bad. I, as a farmer, cannot work or focus there due to my illness and depression. It just increases my feelings of sadness and depression.”

“My husband, despite knowing I had depression, didn't tell me. He thought that I would feel worse. That is because mental illness is still considered taboo. But I still knew what was positive and what was negative. So, I knew everything, but I wasn't aware that I had depression.”

Two medicine boxes with pills.
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